Service 84 - Crook Town Service

Stanley (Crook) - Park Road Clinic - Crook - Watergate Est - Crook - Thistleflat Road - Crook - Watergate Est - Crook - Stanley(Crook)

Route: Stanley (Crook) Turning Circle, B6299 North Lane, B6298, Well Bank, Roddymoor Road , Chestnut Road, Elm Gardens, Chestnut Road, Roddymoor Road, 86298 Commercial Street, Bridge Street, Church Street, South Street, Elliott Street, Commercial Street. A6910Y West Roan, Thistleflat Road, Hugh West Road, West Road A690, Commercial Street, Bridge Street Church Street, South Street, Elliott Street, Commercial Street, B6298, Roddymoor Road Chestnut Road. Elm Gardens, Chestnut Road, Roddymoor Road Well Bank 86299 North Lane Stanley (Crook) Turning Circle.

*Hail and Ride on Buttermere Grove

Monday to Friday (See note for Public Holidays)
Stanley (Crook, Turning Circle)08555515551655
Billy Row, Green08585815581658
Roddymoor, Turning09010116011701
Crook, Park Road Clinic09040416041704
Thistleflat Road08250925251625
Crook, St Catherine's Church (Arr)083009070930Then0730160716301707
Crook, St Catherine's Church (Dep)0810083009100930these1030161016301710
Watergate Estate, Ullswater Crescent0815083509150935mins1535until161516351715
Crook, Market Place0820084009200940past2040162016401720
Crook, Market Place0820084009200940hour204016201640
Thistleflat Road08250925251625
Crook, Park Road Clinic08420942421642
Roddymoor, Turning08460946461646
Billy Row, Green08490949491649
Stanley (Crook), Turning Circle08520952521652

Public Holidays - Excluding the following Public Holidays; 1st January, New Years Day holiday(if not the 1st January), Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day Holiday Monday Late Spring Holiday Monday, August Holiday Monday, 25th December, 26th December & any Public Holidays in lieu on Christmas Day and Boxing Day when 25th December and/or 26th December fall on a Saturday or Sunday.

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